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Getting Started for Organization Admins Transcript

Section 1: How to Invite Admins to Your Organization

At your organization homepage, please click on the manage admins and instructors icon. This page shows all instructors and admins contained within your organization. Next, please click on the invite a user to this organization icon. Fill out the form to invite a user. Provide a name for the user. Provide the user's email address. Add the user's job title. Select the business unit for the user grant a user appropriate permissions. After double checking the form click the confirm button to send the email invitation to the user. You can now see that your email invitation has been sent and is pending acceptance.

Section 2: How to Remove Users from Your Organization

On the admins and instructors page, please click on the gear icon next to the individual you would like removed. Next, please click delete to open the confirmation window. Clicking confirm will remove the user from your organization and all courses. You will then see the user removed from the admins and instructors page.

Section 3: How to Approve an Instructor Account Request

Navigate to your organization in the Exercise Area and click on the notification icon in the top right. Next, please click on an account request in the notification pop-up window. This will take you to the admins and instructors page where you can view pending account requests. Please click on the gear icon to the left of the account requester. Next please click on approve/reject. Please review and verify all information in the account request form. Once you are satisfied, please click on approve to approve the account request. Congratulations! The instructor account request has been successfully approved. Have questions? Contact Support at