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Account Request Approval (Admins)

Viewing Admin Account Request Notifications

In order to approve an instructor's request to join the Cyber Range through the organization code method, admins must first find the application under their Cyber Range notifications. These notifications are located in the top right of the page and are indicated with a profile icon. Once clicked, a dropdown list with all account and course requests will appear.

A popup window with all pending account requests is displayed in the top right.

Approving or Rejecting Admin Account Requests

Once an admin clicks on the invitation they intend to approve, the site will redirect them to the organization users page filtering for that specific user. Please note that the selected user's name and email are greyed out since they have an account request pending approval as shown in the screenshot below.

Next, an admin can click the gear symbol to the left of the user’s name and either approve or reject the request. Please keep in mind that rejecting an account request will permanently delete the request.

Once approved, the user will receive an invitation email to join the Cyber Range. Following the link in the invitation email will allow them to log in with their preferred authentication method (Google or Microsoft).

Admins can tell whether a user has signed in for the first time by checking whether there is a date and time under the “Pending” column (this indicates that the invitation is unaccepted) or if there is an icon showing under the “Authentication Method” column (this indicates that the invitation is accepted).

The gear icon is located on the left side of the screen, to the left of the display name column.

Have a Question? Contact Support

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