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What are KSAs and KUs and how can I use them to find a course?

The Workforce Framework for cybersecurity Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs), or competencies, are the attributes required to perform a job and are generally demonstrated through experience, education, or training. Knowledge is a body of information applied directly to the performance of a function. Skill is an observable competence to perform a learned psychomotor act. Ability is the competence to perform an observable behavior or a behavior that results in an observable product.

CAE-CD Knowledge Units, or KUs, are mandatory topics and associated objectives that must be included in an institution's degree or certificate program. The application process requires that the applicant provide evidence that they address each topic and objective of the required KUs.

U.S. Cyber Range courseware is linked to KSAs and KUs to summarize the content of courses, modules, lessons, and lab exercises. When browsing through U.S. Cyber Range courseware, use the listed KSAs and KUs to best determine if those materials fit your needs.

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