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Account Permission Comparison: Instructor, TA, and Student

Each type of Cyber Range account (or role) has varying permission levels. For example, instructors can create courses and reset (wipe and reprovision) exercises, but TAs can only reset exercises, while students can do neither. Listed below are each account type's specific permissions.


These permissions are subject to change.


Permission Instructor TA Student
Invite to my courses TA, Student Student N
Resend Y Y N
Access to Invitations Y Y N
Update an invitation Y Y N
Delete an Invitation Y N N


Permission Instructor TA Student
Request a Course Y N N
Access a Course My courses My courses My courses
Update a Course Y Y N
Change a user's role TA, Student N N
Delete a Course Y N N


Permission Instructor TA Student
Create a Team Y Y N
Access a Team Any teams Any teams My team
Update team info Y Y N
Update Team Membership Y Y N
Delete a Team Y N N

Exercise Group

Permission Instructor TA Student
Create an Exercise Group Y N N
Update an Exercise Group Y Y N
Delete an Exercise Group Y N N
Access an Exercise Any exercises Any exercises Any exercises
Start Y Y Y
Stop Y Y Y
Reset Y Y N
Snapshot Any exercises N N


Permission Instructor TA Student
Course support requests go to Course Admins Course Admins Instructors and TAs
Can view exercise resource links My courses N N

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