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Creating a Course


This article will walk through the steps needed to create a course in the U.S. Cyber Range. A course admin will be required to approve a course before it will be created.

Requesting a Course

  1. Click on the "Create a New Course" button

    Once you get logged into the Range for the first time, you will get an empty course listing:

    The "create a new course" button is in the top-right, below the header of the page.

    Once in, you will want to click on the "Create a new course" icon "+" to request a new course.

  2. Complete the Course Request

    Once you click on the "Create a new course" icon "+", fill out all the fields in the pop-up box shown below. The course name and description are what your students will see once you've enrolled them. Please set the course's expiration date to shortly after the conclusion of the course; your organization will continue to be charged until the course is expired.

    The fields on the form are, in order, Course Name, Course Description, How Course Relates to Cyber Security, Reserved Enrollments, Start Date, Expiration Date.

    If you want to personalize your course's invitation email, click the advanced options button in the top left corner of the pop up window. Here, you can edit both the invitation email's subject and body to your liking.

    The advanced settings window allows you to customize your course's invitation email as you deem fit.


    You can use any of the variables at the bottom of the advanced settings window while customizing your invitation email, but it is required that the invitation link variable be used in the email body. If this were to be excluded, students would not receive the link they need to accept your invitation!

    Once you are satisfied with your course settings, hit the "CONFIRM" button in the bottom right corner of the popup to submit your course request.

  3. Wait for the pending course request to be approved

    After you create your course request within the Cyber Range, you will see your course and its current "Pending approval" state:

    A pending course card displays the course name and its "Pending approval" state.

    Once it is approved by a course admin, you will receive a confirmation email, and the course will change to a live course:

    A live course card displays the course name, instructor, number of users, and number of exercises.

  4. You can now Add Exercises or Invite Students to your approved course

    When you click on your approved course, you'll see your course details and can add exercises, create environments, or invite students. Your approved course will show your course title, role, course description, and status.

    Once the course is live, the expected number of users can be set while creating the course invitation code; this will create a number of pre-warmed exercise environments to reduce each environment's startup time (please see the article titled Cyber Range Pool Model for more information on this).

To start using your new course, please see the article titled Adding Exercise Environments to see how to add exercises to your new course.

Default Course Expiration Dates

Below are the default end dates for courses based on when the course is created:

Course Created In Default End Date
January May 15th
February May 15th
March May 15th
April May 15th
May Aug 15th
June Aug 15th
July Aug 15th
August Dec 15th
September Dec 15th
October Dec 15th
November Dec 15th
December 1st - 14th Dec 15th
December 15th - 31st May 15th of next year


Please see How do you change a course expiration date? for more information.

Have a Question? Contact Support


Students: Please reach out to your Instructor who can submit a ticket to our Support Team on your behalf.

We're here to help you. If you still have questions after reviewing the information above, please feel free to submit a ticket with our Support Team and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.