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Anonymous Users Management


This article will guide instructors and course admins on how they can manage anonymous users in the Cyber Range. Please see the article titled Anonymous Users Overview for more information.

Anonymous Credentials

Anonymous credentials are displayed on the Course Users page to instructors, TAs, and course admins. On this page, you can create or delete credentials as needed.

You can also determine whether an anonymous credential has been used to log in yet.

If a credential has not been used to log in yet, the "Last Login With" column will be empty. The “Pending Since” column will also show the credential's creation date.

"Last Login With" and "Pending Since" are the last two columns in the Users table.

Once a user has logged in with a credential, the "Last Login With" column will now display the credential name and the “Pending Since” column will be empty.


There are no charges for an anonymous credential until it is used to log in for the first time. Unclaimed anonymous credentials will remain valid for the entire duration of the course.

Editing Anonymous Users

You can edit (or delete) anonymous users in your course in the usual manner. However, you are only able to edit an anonymous user’s role. You are able to change an anonymous user's role to either a student or a TA.

The "Edit User" dialog box is displayed showing the roles of "Student" and "TA" available for selection. The "CONFRIM" button is in the bottom corner located to the right of the "CANCEL" button.

Resetting Anonymous User Passwords

Instructors, TAs, and course admins have the ability to reset the password for an anonymous user. To perform this action, navigate to the Course Users page and locate the cog wheel icon. From the drop-down box, select the "Reset Password" option.

The cog wheel icon is located to the left of the display name. The "Reset Password" button is underneath the "Edit User" button in the drop-down box.

Once the “Reset Password” button is clicked, a dialog will display confirming the request.

The "CONFRIM" button is in the bottom corner located to the right of the "CANCEL" button.T

Upon confirming, the password will be reset and a new password will be displayed. You can then click on the “Copy password to clipboard” button depicted with a clipboard icon.

The "Copy password to clipboard" button is to the right of the new password located in the middle of the dialog box. There is an "OK" button in the bottom right.

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