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Can I (the instructor) Provision All Exercises in my Course(s) at Once?

Except in very specific cases, we prefer not to provision all of an Instructor's exercises for a multi-month course at once. This is because each provisioned student exercise environment gets at least one dedicated virtual machine instance (VM, i.e. a dedicated V-CPU and V-hard drive footprints). Reserving all these resources for every student and every future exercise in your course is wasteful, and we are tasked with using state resources as efficiently as possible.

That being said, we can set up all of your courses and give you, the instructor, your own exercise environment to examine (optionally customize and snapshot) each exercise ahead of time to help you prepare the environment prior to assigning them to your students. Then when you are ready to assign a specific exercise, you can quickly provision that exercise to each student so they can get logged in and get started.

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