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How to Create a Business Unit for Organization Admins


This article will guide organization admins through the process of creating a business unit for their organization. Please see the article titled What is a Business Unit? to learn more about business units in the Cyber Range.

Before any users can be invited to an organization, the Organization Admin must create at least one business unit. This can be accomplished when inviting the first user to join your organization. If inviting users from different departments or locations, admins may want to create multiple business units for their organization. However, this is completely up to the organization admin. Most organizations will already have a business unit made available to them that was created during the organization setup process by the U.S. Cyber Range team. To create a new business unit, please follow the steps below.

1. Login to the U.S. Cyber Range and select an Organization

  • Login to the U.S. Cyber Range Exercise Area and click on the ORGANIZATIONS tab at the top of the page.

  • Next, please select your organization for which you would like to create a business unit.

    Highlights the organizations tab and which organization will be selected

2. Open the Invite a User Form

  • To open the Invite a User to this Organization form, please click on the Manage Admins and Instructors icon, as shown in the example below.

    Clicking on Manage Admins and Instructors Icon

  • Next, please click on the Invite a User to this Organization icon.

    Highlights the invite a user icon

  • A form allowing you to invite a user to your organization will then appear, as shown in the example below.

    Displays the invite a user form that appears from clicking on the invite a user icon

3. Create a New Business Unit

  • Once you have successfully opened the Invite a User to this Organization form, you may then select a business unit from the dropdown menu to invite a user OR you may click on OTHER to create a new business unit for your organization. For this tutorial, we will be creating a new business unit by clicking on OTHER.


If you do not have any existing business units, you must click on OTHER to create a new one.

Highlights the "other" option that is available for admins when selecting a business unit

  • After you have clicked on OTHER, you will see three fields that will allow you to create a business unit. These are:

  • Business Unit: The title of your business unit (e.g. U.S. Cyber Range).

  • Business Region: The region of your business unit. Some organizations may have multiple regions where employees or students are located. The U.S. Cyber Range typically uses the format of city followed by state (e.g. Blacksburg, VA).
  • Business Category: The type of business unit you are creating (e.g. Government, University, Commercial, etc.).

    Highlights the business unit name, region, and category input fields

  • Once you have completely filled out the form, please click on CONFIRM to send the invitation.

    Highlights the confirm button on an invitation form

  • Once the user has accepted the U.S. Cyber Range email invitation, the business unit will be created. You can then choose the business unit when inviting subsequent users to join the organization. After the user has accepted their account invitation, the new business unit will be added to the dropdown list, as shown in the example below.

    Highlights the newly created business unit

  • At this point, your new business unit has now been created and can be used when inviting other users or requesting a course.

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