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Organization Concept Explained

What Is an Organization?

An organization is a billing entity composed of administrators, instructors, and students. Instructors are able to create courses and add exercise environments for their students within the organization.

What Is an Organization Admin?

An organization admin is the owner of an organization. Organization admins can manage users in their organization(s) by inviting billing admins, course admins, and instructors to join their organization(s). For more information on how to get started as an organization admin, please refer to the section titled Getting Started For Organization Admins.

How Do I Manage an Organization?

As an admin, you can manage an organization by logging into the U.S. Cyber Range as described in our How to Login to the Cyber Range article. Depending on which admin role(s) are assigned to you, you have the potential to manage organization users, courses, billing information, and more!

Please refer to our Administrator Features and Permissions Comparison article for further information on how you can manage your organization based on your role.

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