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How do you change an exercise environment's availability dates?


Exercise environments will automatically have the same start and end dates as the course that they are added to. This KB article covers how to change the availability dates of an exercise environment if it should differ from the course dates or if the course end date has been extended. If you would like information on how to add exercise environments to your courses, please see Adding Exercise Environments.

To change the start or end date of an exercise environment, please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to your course homepage:

The course homepage is shown, with the course's exercise environments below the course details.

2. Select the environment in which you would like to adjust the availability dates:

An exercise environment in which the date will be changed is boxed in red.

3. Click the Edit this exercise button:

The environment page is shown. In the top right, the edit button, which is to the left of the start all exercises button, is circled.

4. Adjust the availability dates to your desired start or end date:

The Edit and Exercise Environment dialog is shown. The availability with the start date and end date are highlighted. They can be found below the exercise environment description.

After clicking the start date or end date field, a calendar is shown with dates to alter the availability.

5. Click CONFIRM to confirm your changes:

The cancel button and to its right, the confirm button, are located in the bottom right of the page.


The exercise environment end date cannot be extended beyond the course expiration date. If you would like to learn more about changing your course's end date, please see How do you change a course expiration date?

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