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Can't Launch Cloud CTF - Player


If you have not already done so, please see the article titled How to Login to the Cyber Range. If you are experiencing issues logging into the Cyber Range, please see the article titled Can't Login to the Cyber Range Exercise Area Account.

Cloud CTF Troubleshooting Steps

Launching a Cloud CTF environment is the same as launching any other Cyber Range exercise environment. Please navigate to the course which contains the CTF environment, and attempt to launch it. If you encounter any errors, please read through the troubleshooting steps below. For more information on launching your Cloud CTF environment, please see the section titled Launching Your Cloud CTF Environment.

1. Different Browser

Try logging into the Range using a different browser. Various browsers (and even browser versions) vary in their level of HTML5 compliance, which the U.S. Cyber Range requires. We recommend using the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, as they are generally the most HTML5 compliant.

2. Not Blocking Pop-ups

Please check that your browser is not blocking pop-up windows when attempting to login to the Cyber Range. Please refer to the links below to learn about allowing pop-ups in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

3. Not Blocking Javascript

Be sure you are not blocking Javascript from running from the domain. In other words, if you are using a script blocker, add to the allow list. A strong indicator that you are blocking Javascript or may have a script blocker installed is encountering a blank web page when launching an environment.

4. Check Your Privacy Extensions/Add-ons

Please check that your privacy extensions and add-ons are not interfering with the Cyber Range. You can refer to the links below to learn how to manage or disable add-ons.

5. Check Your Computer Date and Time

If the user's laptop or PC dates & times are off by more than a few minutes, then Oauth authentication to the CTF may not succeed. Be sure the user machine is either to-the-minute accurate, or synchronized against your network's NTP (time sync) service. Talk to your network administrator for more information, as Root or Administrator level laptop/PC access may be required to fix this issue.

Have a Question? Contact Support

If you still have questions after reviewing the information above, please reach out to your CTF Admin or Instructor who can submit a ticket to our Support Team on your behalf.