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What Factors are Included in Usage?

An organization is billed and charged based on their usages. Depending on plan type, this may include course enrollments as well as cloud usages. You can find more information about both in the Categories section of this article.

How to View and Filter Usages


For a better visual on how to navigate to the billing section of your organization, please see the section titled How Do I View My Billing Information? in our Invoices article.

To view usages for your organization, first, click the "Organizations" tab and choose your organization. Now click the dollar sign icon labeled "Manage plans and invoices". Finally, click the circular icon for “View Organization Usages”.

The "view organization usages" icon is located in the top right of the screen to the left of the "make a payment" button.

You are also able to filter usages by different periods and categories by clicking the "Filter usages" icon.

The filter usages icon is located in the top right of the screen.

From this pop-up window, you can select different periods and categories. By filtering, you can better see how specific usages for your organization affect your plan charges each month.

In descending order, the selections "From", "To", and "Category" are available to filter by. The "cancel" and "confirm" buttons are in the bottom right corner of the pop-up window.


  • Course Enrollment: This is the number of users enrolled in a course during a given billing period. Course enrollments are billed at the highest amount used during the billing period.


An instructor account created that is not assigned to a course yet does not count. An enrollment counts once a user has been added to a course.

  • Cloud Usage: These are infrastructure costs which include the cloud costs used for running the virtual machines as well as the bandwidth needed to support the environments in the Cyber Range. Cloud usage is billed at a cumulative rate during the billing period. Cloud usage is listed per course per day.


Only Flex Rate plans are billed for cloud usage. This does not apply to Flat Rate plans. Learn more about our different plan types in our Plans article.

  • Competition Usage: This is the number of CTFs per course.

  • Course Catalog Demand: This tracks the specific environments used by each course.

  • Exercise Environment: This is the number of exercise environments per course.

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