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Enrollment Management


This guide will cover how to manage enrollments in U.S. Cyber Range organizations. In the context of this article, the term "user" is used to describe students, TAs, or instructors that are enrolled in a course.

What are Enrollments and How are They Counted?

Course enrollments are counted based on the maximum number of users in a course for the billing period (usually one month). The total number of enrollments for an organization is the sum of enrollments across all of its courses.

At the start of a month, the course enrollment count is equal to the number of users in the course. When new users are added to the course, the course enrollment count is increased. Removing users from a course does not decrease the number of enrollments until the following month.

For example, if a course started with 10 users at the beginning of a month, then within that same month, 5 users were added and 6 users were removed from the course, there would be 15 enrollments for that month. The following month would start with 9 enrollments and be adjusted based on any additional users added.

How About Users That are Enrolled in Multiple Courses?

Each course that a user is enrolled in will add to the overall enrollment count. For example, 1 user that is enrolled in 3 courses will count as 3 separate enrollments, rather than 1.

If you find that you have multiple courses with the same group of users, it may be better to use a single course composed of multiple exercise environments instead. Since enrollments are counted on a per-course basis, having multiple exercise environments in a single course will not increase the number of enrollments. Please keep in mind, the number of exercise environments will increase Cloud Usage costs depending on your plan.

How Are Enrollments Billed?


Please keep in mind that for partial months, organization invoices are prorated based on the number of days that a plan has been active. If your plan begins late in the month or is ended early, you will not be charged for the entire month.

There is a specific cost per enrollment depending on your plan. The enrollment portion of your bill is calculated by simply multiplying the total number of enrollments by your enrollment rate.

As an example, if you had 10 enrollments at a rate of $15/enrollment, your total enrollment cost would be $150. In addition to enrollment costs, several of our plans have variable Cloud Usage costs. Please see the article titled Plans for more details.

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