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What is the Difference Between a User and a Team?


Within a course, the differentiation between users and teams can be tricky. Users are added to the course by an instructor. They are added to the course as either an individual student, TA, or instructor. A team is made up of one or more users, and an exercise is assigned to the team as a whole.

By default, when users are added to a course, they are put on their own team with the naming convention of "Team Display Name".

For a tutorial on creating and modifying teams, please see the article titled Team Management.

Exercises are provisioned at the time that a team is created in the Range. Thus, exercises are assigned to teams, not users.

To view users, and the teams they are allocated to, click the "Manage Course Users" button in the upper right corner of the course page.

Shows a red arrow pointing to the manage course users icon in the upper right corner of the course page

The team of each student can be found in the table on the user page. In this example, the four students are split into two teams for the course.

The team names can be found as the column to the right of the role column, on the right side of the screen.

Now when viewing a particular exercise, the environments can be controlled for each team.

Displays the exercise environment page with each team and the associated VM controls for that team and environment

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