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Getting Started for Billing Admins Transcript

Section 1: Understanding Subscription and Invoice Basics on Your Organization Homepage

Please click on the manage subscriptions and invoices icon to navigate to the Billing page. The billing page will allow you to view organization subscriptions credits and invoices. Here you can view any subscriptions your organization is subscribed to and what the agreement periods are. If your organization has any credits, you can view them here on the main billing page. As we scroll down, we can view all invoices for our organization. You will notice that each invoice has a unique invoice ID, a billing period, a billing amount, a status of payment, and a date of invoice creation. To view the details of an invoice please click on the gear icon located to the left of a specific invoice. Next, please click on view invoice. Here you can view invoice details such as the invoice ID, billing period, payment status, and a breakdown of billable items such as course enrollments and exercise environment usage. To print your invoice, please click on the printer icon. You can save as a PDF file or send the invoice directly to your printer. To close the invoice window, please click cancel.

Section 2: Understanding and Viewing Organization Usages

On the billing page for your organization, please click on the view organization usages icon. Next, please clear any active filters on the usages page by clicking on the x. On this page you can view the type or category of usage, the usage category name, the usage category id, the date the usage was recorded, (and) the usage category quantity. To filter the usages, please click on the filter usages icon. You may then choose a starting date, end date, and category to filter usages by. In the example below, we will start in the month of February and end in the month of July. We will then select course enrollment as our category. Next, please click confirm to filter your organization usages. Congratulations, your organization usages have now been filtered by date and category.

Section 3: Understanding and Viewing Organization Credits

To view details about organization credits, please click on the view credits icon on the billing page. Here you can view credit details such as timestamps of credit or debit transactions, the types of organization transactions such as deposits and withdrawals, the amount your account has changed by, and your credit total after any changes. Have questions? Contact Support at